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Remote Care

Send fine-tuning adjustments anytime

Whether your clients are at home, work or a restaurant, you can offer them the option of receiving remote fine-tuning adjustments right in their Beltone HearMax™ app.

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How it works

Provide easy remote support

  1. Your clients requests assistance via the app.
  2. You receive the request via the fitting software.
  3. You send updated settings and/or messages.
  4. Your client receives the updates and downloads the settings wirelessly to their hearing aids.
  5. Your client sends a rating of their new settings.
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How to make adjustments with Beltone Remote Care

This quick guide provides an overview of how to make fine-tuning adjustments with Beltone Remote Care, Beltone Solux Max™ fitting software and the Beltone HearMax app.

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Beltone fitting software

Beltone Solux Max™ fitting software, Remote Care and Remote Care Live for remote fine-tunings and live video counselling.

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Beltone HearMax app

Your clients can use our app to check they are wearing their hearing aids correctly, personalise their sound experience, and request assistance from you.

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Register on GN Online Services to get started

In order to offer Beltone Remote Care services to clients, you need to register your business with GN Online Services. 

On this site, you can: 

  • Manage user access for other hearing care professionals in your practice
  • Manage the locations of your business
  • Customize your automatic response to remote fine-tuning requests

Reminder: You will need your Beltone Account ID to register on GN Online Services.

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Remote fine-tuning - Live

Offer face-to-face calls, even from afar, making sure your clients always have the best possible solution at hand.

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Wireless accessories

Full ecosystem featuring the Beltone HearMax™ app, wireless accessories, and direct streaming.

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