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Smart 3DTM app

Your clients can use the ReSound Smart 3D app
to easily optimise their hearing experience.

  • Enjoy the full benefits of ReSound hearing aids
  • Personalise their sound in different settings
  • Tinnitus relief feature

Personalised hearing experiences are
empowering for people

The ReSound Smart 3DTM app enables your clients to discreetly fine-tune their compatible ReSound wireless hearing aids to their personal preference, on the go. The app works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and selected AndroidTM devices.

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Key benefits

Greater hearing
in any

All Access Directionality in ReSound ONE automatically adjusts directional microphone patterns to put clients in the best position to hear what’s important and still monitor the sounds around them, with access to more sounds than most other hearing aids.

Great one-to-one
hearing experience

In the toughest environments, the user-controlled Ultra Focus in ReSound ONE uses a powerful directional pattern to focus on the speech of the person in front of your clients. The outcome is a renewed confidence in situations which they might have avoided.

The modern connected consumer

Life is busy, and communication is vital for people. They expect to take calls, stream music or other sounds wherever they are. Your clients can do just that: stream calls and sound from their hearing aids to their iOS or Android device.

Easy onboarding to wireless hearing aids

  • The first time your clients use the app, simple on-screen instructions walk them through the basic hearing aid features. As they adapt to their hearing aids, the app continues to send them tips, adjusting to their hearing and preferences over the first week.
  • New and less experienced users receive motivational tips to encourage them to wear their hearing aids longer and adopt better hearing habits. This information is particularly helpful during the initial adaptation period after the fitting.
  • Your clients can track the battery status of their rechargeable hearing aids, and get a notification when they need recharging.

More opportunities with ReSound Assist

ReSound Assist allows you to stay in touch with your clients without an office visit. Receive and respond to their requests for fine-tuning adjustments right from ReSound Smart FitTM fitting software.

You can even use this service together in the clinic as another option for regular fine-tunings.

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