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Danavox was the first aid hearing brand in the GN Group, founded in 1943 by a Danish hearing aid pioneer. Ever since then, we have dedicated ourselves to developing advanced technology that delivers better speech understanding in the most challenging environments. Danavox empowers people with hearing loss to hear and be heard.



Danavox Boreal

For mild to profound hearing loss

Offer your clients a truly innovative hearing solution, packed with impressive technology that gives greater speech clarity in all environments, even the noisiest ones.

Danavox Barani

For mild to profound hearing loss

Explore this exciting full family that ranges from custom designs to RIE and BTE options, all with superior connectivity features and remote fine-tuning software.

Danavox Anthe

For severe to profound hearing loss

These advanced hearing aids provide high-quality sound without feedback and seamless connectivity to make sure your clients don't miss a thing.

Danavox Klar

For mild to profound hearing loss

Featuring enhanced technology, this complete range of hearing aids is designed so that all clients can find the solution that is right for them and stay connected effortlessly.

Wireless accessories

Explore our wide range of accessories that your clients can use to stay connected to people, entertainment and the world.

Danavox fitting software

Danavox BeMore™ helps you spend more time with your clients by providing an intuitive, easy, and highly accurate fitting flow.


Your clients can choose between our different chargers:
Premium, Standard or Desktop charger.

BeMore app

Your clients can use our app to check they are wearing their hearing aids correctly, personalise their sound experience, and request assistance from you.

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Product support

Find helpful materials such as user manuals, FAQs, video tutorials, and more.



See which mobile devices can be used to enjoy our great wireless connectivity.


Assist Live

Offer your clients personalised remote care and support services.



Learn about the features in our hearing aids.


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