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Let us introduce ourselves

GN Hearing is proudly part of the GN Group. Our aim is to bring people closer to their loved ones and to the world. Being the partner that brings you closer to your clients.

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We use our unique position and unleash our passion for insights to create innovative hearing solutions, helping millions of people to hear their best.


We fully invest our energy and dedicate our competencies to creating trusted partnerships, with a joint ambition to sustainably grow, together.

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We will take service to the next level, equipping you with meaningful insights and solutions so you can give the best possible hearing care.

GN Hearing facts

  • Built on the strong GN legacy: 150+ years of innovation
  • Passionate people with a shared pioneering spirit
  • Expertise in sound, miniaturisation and industry firsts
  • All GN hearing aids powered by Organic Hearing™
  • Offices, distribution and R&D hubs worldwide
Discover Organic Hearing
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A few of our industry firsts

  • Open fit hearing aids
  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC)
  • MFi hearing aids
  • Hearing aids with a microphone and receiver in the ear (M&RIE)
  • Hearing aids that connect with Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio
About our technology
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For people and for our planet

At GN Hearing, we are proud of the positive difference our products make to people’s lives. We are committed to reaching more people with hearing loss globally, while minimising environmental impacts.

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By 2025, all packaging across the GN Group will be minimised in size, FSC-certified and widely recyclable.

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By 2030, we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 80% in our own operations, and 25% across our value chain.

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Measuring the carbon footprint of our products through lifecycle assessments (LCAs) to decarbonize our products most effectively.

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Supporting the transition to a circular economy by using non-virgin materials and by giving more products a second life through repair and refurbishment.

Great things come in 100% recyclable packaging

We have already made a great start on our sustainability journey. Our latest ReSound and Beltone hearing aids come in 100% recyclable packaging created from FSC certified paper and with 47% reduced CO2 emissions*.

*Compared to previous hearing aid packaging from GN. CO2 reduction verified by Bureau Veritas

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