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Remote hearing assistance and care

Assist and Assist Live are personalised remote care and support services to ensure that your Danavox clients can get the hearing support from you whenever and wherever they are.




Instant care with Assist Live

With our easy and practical service, you can provide personalised care and support for your clients when they need help away from the clinic. You can live video chat or call on the phone to fine-tune their hearing aids or offer live counselling sessions remotely. This feature is already integrated in the fitting software and our online services, so no extra platforms are needed for you to offer convenient client care.

All your clients need to do is install the intuitive BeMore app on their iPhone or Android smartphone.

Studies show that the people who use remote care apps find them just as successful as face-to-face. Hearing care professionals find this service to be easy and efficient from their perspective too.


How Assist Live works

  1. You initiate a video call from your office at a mutually convenient time.
  2. Your client accepts your call in the app.
  3. You provide real-time counselling or fine-tuning adjustments to your client’s hearing aids according to their needs.


Fine-tunings on demand with Assist

This service is ideal for ad-hoc fine-tunings when your clients are unable to come to your clinic. You receive their request directly in the fitting software.

When the adjustments are ready, your client gets notified via their app instructing them to download and install the new settings.

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