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Welcome every need with the most
individualised hearing solution for every client

Our Organic Hearing philosophy has led us to an unparalleled and award-winning legacy of firsts in the industry. With access to our complete portfolio and professional materials and services, you have all you need to grow your business and enjoy the confidence to guide even more clients on their path to better hearing, no matter their hearing profile, lifestyle and financial situation. Partner with us and let's help even more clients hear like no other.



The most innovative products in the industry

With ReSound, you are always guaranteed a brilliant sound quality and strong connectivity, both without parallel in the hearing aid industry.

We pride ourselves on having a holistic approach to developing new products, meaning that for us, effortless hearing and emotional well-being are in sync with the quality and performance of the hearing solution.


Making your
life easier

We strive to make your life as a hearing care professional and/or practice owner as easy as possible, and ReSound Pro is designed with this in mind.

Here, you can get access to everything you need from us, including a world-class e-commerce platform, so you can easily order and track products.


Getting you closer to your clients

The relationship between you and each of your clients is very important, and we want to support and strengthen it.

We have informative client-focused materials to help during the different stages of the hearing journey, as well as ReSound Assist, which enables you to offer remote fine-tuning adjustments.



Award-winning solutions

ReSound has a heritage of innovation and a history of groundbreaking solutions
for greater hearing, which have won multiple awards. 






BIG innovation 2021

Gold award - 2020 Stevie winner

Silver award - 2020 Stevie winner


BIG innovation 2020

Edison award

Hearing Technology Innovator winner

Good Design Award

CES Innovation Awards

IFA Innovation award

UX Design awards - product