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Individualised hearing solutions for every client.


ReSound Nexia

Mild to profound hearing loss 
Next-era hearing
Bring your clients next-era hearing now - a top-rated 1,2 hearing-in-noise experience ready for the future of connectivity

ReSound Key lineup

ReSound Key

Mild to profound hearing loss
New hearing essentials for more clients
With these hearing essentials your clients can enjoy clear, natural sound quality and the confidence to join in conversations effortlessly.

ReSound ENZO Q

Severe to profound hearing loss
So much more than just powerful
Life-enriching hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss, with clear, comfortable and high-quality sound.

Wireless accessories

A full range of accessories that offer direct streaming and connect with Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio.

ReSound fitting software

ReSound Smart Fitâ„¢ fitting software, plus ReSound Assist and ReSound Assist Live for remote fine-tunings and live video counselling.


Your clients can choose between our different chargers:
Premium, Standard or Desktop charger.

ReSound Smart 3D app

Your clients can use our app to check they are wearing their hearing aids correctly, personalise their sound experience, and request assistance from you.


How can we help?

Product support

Find support materials, user manuals, FAQs, video tutorials, and more.


See which mobile devices can be used to enjoy our great wireless connectivity.

Remote fine-tuning

Get in touch with your clients remotely and offer live sessions.

Bimodal hearing solution

If you have cochlear implant clients with enough residual hearing in their contralateral ear to benefit from a hearing aid, a bimodal fitting could provide them with many benefits.

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